Copyright Culture? Culture Crime? Crime Common?

In Lawerence Lessig’s book Free Culture, he explains the need for a new method of protection to be taken over one’s work, art or other creations that are placed on the digital landscape of the internet. It seems that it would be difficult to take rightful protection over something that is floating around in cyberspace with billions of other so called “property.” It seems like an issue remains “about how best to interpret the idea that rights in land ran to the heavens” (Lessig 1). The issue was once about land and above air ownership before the concerns of 21st century society moved to digital technology. It would remain a fact that taking rightful ownership of your context on the digital landscape would be easier than claiming the sky. Common sense must be the determining factor, along with other less influential circumstances in claiming digital property rights.

Fortunately common sense cannot reach the offices and MacBooks of people from all over the world who are guilty of being copyright criminals. I myself exercise my search and download muscles quite often to obtain material that is accessible to everyone. Recently there has been an increase in companies who are trying to give exclusive access to clients who are paying for a product that has been available for free for so long. While attempts such as these are understandable and even slightly admirable, copyright laws are going to have to become tighter if copyright crime is to go down.


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