Group Project Write-Up

Our group project is on minorities at Loyola Marymount University; specifically members of the African-American, Chicano/a Latino, and Asian Pacific- American communities. First the members of my group need to do background research on statistics, representation, clubs and organizations affiliated with these groups, institutional programs that cater to them and departments both non-academic and academic that directly research and serve these groups. We will be conducting three video interviews per minority group that focus on how LMU has supported and catered to minorities in a positive way. These interviews will combine to make a total of nine interviews. The interviewees will be a range of students who have different ages, majors and class standings. We will not conduct a poll as a part of our research. We will however go to events hosted by these groups and talk to students casually outside of our interviews. We will put together a feature video with all minority representation. This will appear on our home page. We will have other pages, specific to the minority group, where we will feature in individual interviews along with other photos, statistics and short descriptions. We will start our recording now and continue until November 18th. At that point we will begin to break down and edit our footage between the week of November 19th and after our return from Thanksgiving break. We will have finished the editing by finals week. Cory and Sarahn are responsible for editing the footage and producing the finished media and Sinead is responsible for writing all descriptions. All three of the group members are responsible for recording the individual interviews for their minority group.


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