Video in Journalism

Video is one of the most powerful tools in journalism today. Video allows consumers, audiences, and ultimately anyone in the public to have beyond a visual but an experience with the news they are viewing. Journalism through video is the ultimate viewing experience beyond words and pictures. The only experience that would bring you closer to the news is in fact being an eye-witness to whatever is being covered. Video journalism allows the audience to sense everything except maybe the smell of the burning wood or the aura that surrounds a crime scene. It takes information technology to a new level because it shows the joys and horrors of history in a pure way, that is free from extreme editing and tone adjustment. Video journalism added a new level of responsibility to the journalists who has less power to compromise the integrity of the news they are sharing with people. It also provides an additional tool for journalists to use. Video allows them the opportunity to be both in front of and behind the camera. They can document the news from the standpoint of being a witness or a victim and they can show their connection to the news in a different way. Video journalism, in recent years has given regular consumers the power to document and share history in the way they want to outside of media and news controllers. If a person records something on video and shares it on the web or other news outlets, it is officially out of the hands of journalists and their bosses. It brings a new level of reality to the stage of news making, news sharing, and news consumption.


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